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David Adickes

Texan David Adickes creates larger than life statues for installations around the world. Here’s a brief introduction to Adickes’ work, especially his famously huge presidential busts.

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Fountain and Pool, Sunset Fishermen, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico: Staying There

Mexico abounds with all-inclusive resorts. These are a great way to rest and relax. Here our review of three that we’ve experienced in Riviera Maya.

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Los Arcos Amphitheater, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mexico: History and Fun Facts

America’s southern neighbor offers friendly people, vibrant culture, exciting adventure and rich history. Here’s some history and fun facts about Mexico.

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Road Sign, Welcome to Texas

Talkin’ Texan

If ya’ll don’t know how to talk Texan, I’m here to help. Texan is a unique and fun lingo. Let’s learn to speak (and laugh) the Texas way.

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We're a travel blog focusing on senior travel. But anyone can enjoy our stories and advice.

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The Silver Cloud, Silversea Cruises, Ushuaia, Argentina, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 1: Santiago to Ushuaia

We’re traveling Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today we went from Santiago, Chile, to Ushuaia, Argentina and boarded our ship, the Silver Cloud.

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King Penguin Group, Saunders Island, Falkland Islands, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 13 Part 2: Saunders Island

We’re traveling Antarctica on the Silver Cloud with Silversea Cruises. Today, we arrived in the Falkland Islands and visited West Point and Saunders Islands. This post covers Saunders Island. Here’s how our day went.

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Statue of Tomas Garrigue Masayk, First President of Czechoslovakia, Prague, Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia History

We’ve visited the Czech Republic and Slovakia formerly one country: Czechoslovakia. Here’s some history from its earliest inhabitants to its dissolution.

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Staying There

Crossing the Drake Passage, Silversea Cruises, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 12: Drake Passage Toward Falkland Islands

We’re traveling Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today, we sailed the Drake Passage on our way to the Falkland Islands. Since there’s not much to report, here’s a little information about the passage and surrounding seas.

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Antarctica, Day 0: Dallas to Santiago

We’re on our trip to Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today, we made it from Dallas to Santiago, Chile. Here’s how our trip has gone so far.

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Tokyo: Staying There

Here are reviews of some of the hotels we’ve stayed at in Tokyo over the years. Two are long-term stay apartments; the others are Hyatt hotels.

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What to Do There

Grounds, Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji

Fiji: Staying and Eating There

Having visited Fiji as a tourist, and then lived there for a few years, we offer a unique look at the hotels and restaurants in this little piece of heaven.

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Hackneys Restaurant, Glenview, Illinois

Traveling to Chicago: Restaurants

Here are reviews of some of the restaurants we’ve eaten at in Chicago recently. Chicago is one of the best food cities in the world. Bon appétit!

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Tonkatsu Tenyama Shinkawa Restaurant, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Restaurants: Medium-priced

Madeline and I have explored many Tokyo restaurants over the years. This post includes our favorite medium-priced choices, including all genres of food.

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This blog is not just about travel—it’s about traveling as you get older. There are many names for it these days: mature travel, boomer travel, senior travel. Perhaps you are traveling with a mobility issue or other disability. Ultimately, though, travel is about experiencing, learning and fun. So anyone of any age can enjoy our adventures!

Madeline Showing Respect, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Bawshar Masqat, Oman

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