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Osaka Bars and Nightlife

If you are coming to Osaka as a destination location, you might want to try a guided tour of the nightlife in the area. Osaka is very safe and you could definitely work your way around to places where your native language is understood. However, we wanted to experience it as a real local. We wanted a tour where the Japanese hang out.

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Paris Hotels

Is Paris a vacation destination for you? If you plan to visit Paris, France, we have you covered. We have two posts covering Paris attractions. You can see part one here and part two here. You’ll also need to eat and have a place to stay. We have restaurants covered here and this post is about where to stay. Welcome to the city of light and enjoy yourself. We stayed at multiple hotels, and I’ll cover just two that are wonderful.

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Paris Restaurants

Windo SkyBar is located on the 34th floor of the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile. We have a review of this splendid hotel in another post. One of the reasons we chose the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile is because it is the only skyscraper hotel in Paris. Of course, we also like the warmth of the Hyatt brand, and we frequently chose it anyway. Our room had a view of the Eiffel Tower, but the Windo SkyBar has magnificent views of quite a bit of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower.

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Restaurants in Bali

If you are coming to Indonesia, you are in for a treat if you sample the local cuisine. Indonesian food is characterized by a combination of flavors, spices, and cooking techniques that are unique to the country. Here are some examples of the variety of Indonesian food

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Attraction: Le Petit Chef

This post is all about a restaurant (and attraction) at our hotel. Madeline and I traveled to Bali and stayed at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Bali. Luckily for us, they added a new restaurant called Le Petit Chef. We had heard of this concept, but we really knew very little about it. If you look at the chef in the picture, he’s taller than Madeline but inside, he’s much smaller.

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Grand Hyatt Bali Resort

Imagine coming to a beautiful resort and you see these two lovely Balinese ladies greeting welcoming you to the resort. Pretty nice huh? If you are looking for a destination vacation – you’ll love this resort. I know for a USA traveler, it’s a long way from home but it is worth it. At this resort, you step into another culture, and we felt like there was almost a time warp. Things slowed down. People were always smiling. The staff were always looking out for us.

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We're a travel blog focusing on senior travel. But anyone can enjoy our stories and advice.

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Staying There

Antarctica, Day 0: Dallas to Santiago

We’re on our trip to Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today, we made it from Dallas to Santiago, Chile. Here’s how our trip has gone so far.

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Sunrise at the Antarctic Continental Shelf, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 4: South Shetland Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula

We’re traveling Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today, we sailed from the South Shetland Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula. Here’s how our trip has gone so far.

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Madeline, Silversea Cruises, Half Moon Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 3: South Shetland Islands

We’re traveling Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today we arrived at the South Shetland Islands. Here’s how our trip has gone so far.

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What to Do There

Restaurant L'Entracte, Luxembourg

Luxembourg: Restaurants

While on a tour of Luxembourg, we stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant for pizza and Belgian beer. Here’s our multinational review!

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Grounds, Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji

Fiji: Staying and Eating There

Having visited Fiji as a tourist, and then lived there for a few years, we offer a unique look at the hotels and restaurants in this little piece of heaven.

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Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels: Attractions

Brussels offers plenty of things to see and do: history, art, architecture, shopping. Here are the attractions we enjoyed while in Brussels.

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We're Madeline and Paul and have traveled all seven continents.

This blog is not just about travel—it’s about traveling as you get older. There are many names for it these days: mature travel, boomer travel, senior travel. Perhaps you are traveling with a mobility issue or other disability. Ultimately, though, travel is about experiencing, learning and fun. So anyone of any age can enjoy our adventures!

Madeline Showing Respect, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Bawshar Masqat, Oman

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