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New Mexico: Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway

The Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway is a great way to tour the historic sites and natural beauty of New Mexico. Here’s our review.

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Interior, La Iglesia de San Jose de los Jemez, Jemez Historic Site, New Mexico

New Mexico: Jemez Historic Site

The Jemez Historic Site protects the ancient village of Gisewa and the San Jose de los Jemez mission church. Here’s our review.

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Church Reconstruction, Pecos National Historical Park, New Mexico

New Mexico: Pecos National Historical Park

For early North American history and its beautiful architecture, visit Pecos National Historical Park in New Mexico. Here’s our review.

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New Mexico: Coronado Historic Site

We visited New Mexico’s Coronado Historic Site for the beauty and history of the ancient Native American settlement. Here’s our review.

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What's GG2SG all about?

We're a travel blog focusing on senior travel. But anyone can enjoy our stories and advice.

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Interior, Mistral Bleu Train Bar, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo: Bars

Madeline and I explored many Tokyo bars over the years. This post includes our favorite ones, from sports bars to unique pubs.

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Paul and Madeline at a Restaurant in the Latin Quarter, Paris, France

Europe: A Continent with Countries You Should Visit

Here is some background information to help you better understand Europe. It includes data and historical facts. Use this to help inform your own travels.

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African Elephant, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tanzania: History and Fun Facts

Tanzania offers beautiful landscapes and interesting history and cultures. Here’s some history and fun facts about this fascinating place.

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Staying There

Silver Cloud, at Anchor, Silversea Cruises, Half Moon Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Cruising Antarctica 101

We’re going to Antarctica! If you’re planning a trip, too, here are some cruise lines touring Antarctica. We chose Silversea.

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The Silver Cloud, Silversea Cruises, Ushuaia, Argentina, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 1: Santiago to Ushuaia

We’re traveling Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today we went from Santiago, Chile, to Ushuaia, Argentina and boarded our ship, the Silver Cloud.

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Madeline, Silversea Cruises, Half Moon Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Antarctica, Day 3: South Shetland Islands

We’re traveling Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today we arrived at the South Shetland Islands. Here’s how our trip has gone so far.

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What to Do There

UFO and Aliens, International UFO Museum, Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico Attractions: UFO Museum

We had a close encounter of the Roswell kind. Roswell’s UFO Museum is a fun and informative stop to learn about the [in]famous town.

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McPherson Cellars, Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock, Texas Attractions: McPherson Cellars

Did you know that the Lubbock area is great for grapes? We visited McPherson Cellars to taste more. Here’s some history and our review.

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Japan Rail Pass

The best way to get around Japan is Japan Railways. And the best way to pay for the JR is the Japan Railways Pass. Here’s why we think it’s a good deal.

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We're Madeline and Paul and have traveled all seven continents.

This blog is not just about travel—it’s about traveling as you get older. There are many names for it these days: mature travel, boomer travel, senior travel. Perhaps you are traveling with a mobility issue or other disability. Ultimately, though, travel is about experiencing, learning and fun. So anyone of any age can enjoy our adventures!

Madeline Showing Respect, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Bawshar Masqat, Oman

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