Bruges, Belgium: Restaurants

December 10, 2020

Paul Kay

While on a tour in Bruges, we ate at a restaurant recommended by our tour guide. Here is our review of Vivaldi and a bonus recommendation.

During our travels through Belgium, we took a tour (booked on Viator) to Bruges and Ghent from Brussels. In Bruges, we saw plenty of restaurants. But we only had time to stop at one. Our guide recommended Vivaldi to the whole tour group. We asked if we had to eat at Vivaldi. And she replied, no. We were free to choose any restaurant since we were paying on our own. But she said that this was a good one with excellent food. So, off we went to try Vivaldi.



Vivaldi Restaurant, Bruges, Belgium

We didn’t eat in a lot of restaurants in Bruges. But we noted that there was plenty of variety since so many tourists visit Bruges. It is a romantic city with its many canals. Vivaldi’s large size accommodated big tour groups. And ours was no exception with about 60 people. The restaurant offered quick selections of prix fixe meals, or you could go ala carte.

Beers, Vivaldi Restaurant, Bruges, Belgium

Madeline and I chose ala carte items. We were impressed with what we received. The beer was good, too, and complimented our meals. You might want to go early or late to avoid the daily tour groups that arrive en masse.

We recommend Vivaldi if you are in Bruges and want to relax and enjoy a tasty meal.

Otto Waffle Atelier Katelijnestraat


Otto Waffle Atelier, Bruges, Belgium

Madeline loves Belgian waffles. But we did not go to a waffle restaurant in Bruges. We did see Otto Waffle Atelier from the canal. Otto claims it’s the only waffle atelier in Bruges and is famous for oat waffles. And the restaurant says that its waffles are good for you, which seems similar to Guinness’ claim about their beverage. But it might be a place for you to check out for a unique Belgian waffle experience. We will the next time we’re in Bruge!

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