Antarctica, Day 0: Dallas to Santiago

We’re on our trip to Antarctica on Silversea Cruises. Today, we made it from Dallas to Santiago, Chile. Here’s how our trip has gone so far.

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Silversea Cruise Ship Antarctica ocean expedition

Packing for Cruising Antarctica on Silversea

We’re cruising Antarctica, our seventh and final continent, with Silversea. It’s a big trip requiring careful preparation. Here’s what we’re packing.

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Inflatable boat full of tourists Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica

Reading: Antarctica

We’re headed to Antarctica! To prepare we been reading. We’ve put together a list of books we’ve read or look interesting or beautiful—or both!

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McDonald's Offering Wine, Mendoza, Argentina

Traveling the Internet

We roam the internet looking for news, information and deals to help us travel smarter and safer. Here’s the most interesting and helpful info we’ve found.

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Chicago Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago 2018: Its History and Ours

Here is a little historical information for Chicago. I’m a Chicago boy, so I’ve also added some personal stories of Madeline and me growing up there!

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Shark Bait, Powerboat Adventures, The Exumas, The Bahamas

Traveling to the Bahamas: Tours and Attractions

Here is some information about the tours and attractions we did while in The Bahamas. One worked out great; one not so great. That’s traveling!

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