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June 5, 2023

Paul Kay

Hyatt Regency Osaka

1-13-11 Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-Ku, Osaka, Japan, 559-0034 

Sun peaking over the building in the morning at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

The picture that Madeline took is the sun just peaking over the Hyatt Regency Osaka. We chose the hotel because it was a bit out of the city on Osaka Bay. It had a beautiful view of Osaka Bay that we could see from our room or the Regency Club.

Sunrise from Diplomat Suite at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

Here is a sunrise view from our suite. Since we were at the Hyatt Globalist status, we enjoyed a suite which was extremely nice. The suite allowed access to the Regency club. There, we had complimentary breakfast, tea and cocktail service. The suite itself had 90 square meters of space which is 968 square feet. The room offered very nice city and harbor views.

Sunset shot with ferry taken from our room at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

Here is a picture Madeline took of the harbor and a ferry which would transport people to a nearby island.

The hotel is close to popular attractions such as the ‘Kaiyukan’ aquarium and Universal Studios Japan.  We saw plenty of people that just came to the hotel because of the proximity to the attractions.

Shuttle bus at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle bus to JR Osaka Station (Umeda) which is quite handy when you want to use the JR. It goes every 30 minutes between 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

I’ve checked out the reviews of this hotel in TripAdvisor and other places. Some said it was out of date. Other reviews said it was not clean. Neither of these are true. The hotel celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019 and it looks very new.

Beautiful sculpture that rises two floors at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

The lobby is beautiful and so are the grounds of the hotel.

Pond water feature at rear of building at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

The hotel has a splendid view of Osaka Bay and behind the hotel, they have a beautiful water feature that you can visit either as part of a restaurant or just to view.

Artwork near 13th floor elevator Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

The hotel has art everywhere and we were always discovering new pieces. Hotel staff are very warm, and the word hospitality isn't enough to define how you feel at this hotel. All of the staff seemed to know our names after 24 hours and we were greeted regularly by name wherever we went in the hotel.

If you have status with Hyatt, you should try to upgrade your room. The picture above was the room we had when we first checked in. We later upgraded to a suite but, as you can see, this room was beautiful and extremely comfortable.

Our bathroom was very large with a walk-in shower, dual sinks, etc. The bathroom also had a nice view of Osaka Bay and was light and sunny.

If you stay at this property, you should definitely make sure you can access the Regency Club.  The Regency Club is excellent. If you've been here in years past, you'll be happy to know that it's now on the top floor of the hotel with commanding views of the water and the Osaka skyline. It's a terrific view both morning and night.

We would try to enjoy a glass of wine during their cocktail hour, which was really two hours. They also offered what I suppose you would call heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Pink dim sum at Regency Club at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

Because we were at this hotel during the sakura or cherry blossom time, the chefs made a special effort to recognize the pink blossoms. Above you’ll see pink dim sum.

Regency Club team with Madeline and Paul at Regency Club in Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

Service at this hotel is terrific and we were welcomed with a smile everywhere we went. We felt the staff at the Regency Club were exuding hospitality and we made friends with many of them. Where do you go, these days, and get photos with your new friends that work at a hotel? Kana san, the woman on the right of the photo, even wrote me a personal thank you card on our last day. 

The food quality in the Regency Club was excellent. The chefs prepare fresh food daily and I could get my breakfast prepared to order every day by one of the chefs.

Chefs hard at work at the Regency Club at Hyatt Regency Osaka Japa

The evening cocktails and buffet in the Regency Club were excellent and the nighttime view is something you'll want to try. 

Sunset shot taken from 28th floor Hyatt Regency Osaka Japan

Shimada san, who worked in the Regency Club, started a sunset viewing program where you are invited to take a great sunset shot. If you look above, you’ll see the shot that Madeline took.

We made many good friends in the Regency Club including Hiroura san and Kana san.  Hiroura san is the woman on the left in the photo above in our group shot.  I can't remember everyone's names, but they were all warm and very kind to us.

We had the opportunity to meet the GM and Miriam was also very warm and welcoming. She went out of her way to say hello and to make sure everything during our stay was pleasant. Miriam is a terrific GM and took time to sit with us a few times in the Regency Club and find out more about us. We really enjoyed her company and complimented her on her great team of hotel staff.  Hospitality does start at the top and Miriam demonstrated why this hotel is excellent.

Japanese hospitality is well known. This hotel simply exemplifies everything. We felt welcomed by name or greeting everywhere we went in the hotel. This is certainly part of the Hyatt emphasis, but the GM and her team are really focused on this.

This is a terrific property and I wish them great success with their 25th anniversary celebration. We will definitely be coming back.

We used the hotel as a base for traveling to other cities. The three cities of Kyoto, Kobe and Nara are very close and there are plenty of ways to see all of them. Many tour companies will pick you up at your hotel or at Osaka Station and take you to all three cities in a single tour. 

We went to Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Kanazawa, Fukuoka and Tokyo. This is possible when you purchase the Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) and use the fabulous Shinkansen trains that are also known as bullet trains.

Tokyo is more than 300 miles away from Osaka, but we could get there by Shinkansen in about three hours. Fukuoka was almost 400 miles away and Kanazawa was closer to 200 miles away. Nothing is too far when you have the JR Pass and the Shinkansen is involved.

The closer cities to Osaka do not require the Shinkansen but we still availed ourselves of it when we traveled to Kobe. It cut the time from an hour to 12 minutes!

All of our travel allowed us to visit a remote city and still be back in the Osaka Hyatt Regency by the evening. I would highly recommend that you stay at the Hyatt Regency Osaka and use it as your base for travel even if you only visit Nara, Kobe or Kyoto.

If you wish to take the train to each city separately, here are some directions:

Kyoto – A city filled with a long and rich heritage

From the Hyatt Regency, you take the complimentary shuttle bus to JR Osaka station. Then, you take the JR line from Osaka station to Kyoto station. The trip takes approximately 60 minutes from the hotel and costs JPY560 per adult or about $5.60 USD.

Nara - Japan's oldest capital city

To the Kintetsu-Nara station from Hyatt Regency Osaka you’d take the Newtram line from Nakafuto Metro Station to Cosmosquare Station. There you would transfer to the Chuo line to Ikoma Station and from there transfer to the Kintetsu line bound for Kintetsu-Nara Station. The trip takes approximately 80 minutes from the hotel and costs JPY900 per adult or about $9.00 USD.

Kobe – Cosmopolitan Seaport and home of Kobe Beef

To Kobe (Sannomiya station) from the Hyatt Regency Osaka you would take the complimentary shuttle bus from the Hyatt Regency Osaka to Osaka/Umeda station. From there, you would take the JR, Hankyu or Hanshin lines from Osaka or Umeda stations bound for Sannomiya. The trip takes approximately 60 minutes from the hotel or from Umeda station and costs between JPY320 to JPT 410 depending on your line. The cost in US dollars is around $4.00.

Madeline and I had a JR Pass, so we took the complimentary shuttle to the Osaka JR station and then took the shuttle train to Shin-Osaka. From there, we took the Shinkansen to Shin-Kobe which took about 12 minutes. For more information on the JR Pass and the economics of it, see our post on the topic.

You can tell that Madeline and I enjoyed this hotel. We even had our concierge take our picture in their gigantic chair near their lobby and lounge. We hope you will enjoy your trip to Osaka soon.

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