Reading: Antarctica

December 1, 2019

Jason Lamb

Are you a GoGo traveler looking for destinations, attractions or new vacation ideas? Antarctica was the seventh continent we visited. We needed to take a cruise ship. Antarctica is not some place you can fly your favorite airline to. We wanted to learn more about Antarctica. If you are looking for what book to read, we have you covered. Here are some of the best books to read about Antarctica.

  1. Travel Guides
  2. Natural history and wildlife
  3. Photography
  4. History
  5. Historical fiction

Since we like all kinds of reading, we've put together a list of books we've read or look interesting or beautiful—or both!

Update: We went to Antarctica and loved every minute of it. Our adventure began with Day 0. Follow along!

You can learn how we planned our trip by reading Planning Our Antarctica Trip. And you can find out what we packed at Packing for Cruising Antarctica on Silversea.

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