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February 20, 2020

Jason Lamb

Our Reading series is curated by our resident editor and librarian, Jason. Whenever we travel, we like to learn as much as we can about our destination. Along with the books and movies we've found, Jason adds titles to give you an in-depth and entertaining view of a place. Here are some reads and watches for Uruguay.


I've divided the books section into travel guides and the history of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571.

Travel Guides


by Tim Burford

This book covers Montevideo, Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento. These are likely to be the three primary cities you would visit. We visited all three, and more.

Guru'Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country

by Karen A Higgs

Written by a British author, she focuses more on beaches and wine and throws in a couple of estancias (ranches). It's a good read. The author is the owner of an award-winning guesthouse in Montevideo, so she knows the area as a local.

Guru'Guay Guide to Montevideo

by Karen A Higgs

Another Uruguay travel guide by Karen Higgs, this time focusing on Montevideo. The author is the owner of an award-winning guesthouse in the Old City of Montevideo, so she knows the area as a local.

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

In 1972, a Uruguayan flight crashed on a glacier in the Andes. More than two months later, the survivors finally were rescued. This story captured interest at the time. It was made more famous by the 1974 book, Alive, by Piers Paul Read. Here I've listed three books by survivors of the tragedy and how their experience affected their lives.

Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home

by Nando Parrado and Vince Rause  

Parrado was one of two survivors who trekked through 40 miles of Andes mountains at 11,000 feet to try to find help for the group. After several days they succeeded. He saved 14 people.

I Had to Survive: How a Plane Crash in the Andes Inspired My Calling to Save Lives

by Dr. Roberto Canessa and Pablo Vierci  

Dr. Canessa trekked with Parrado to find help after spending two months on a glacier. His experience motivated him to earn his medical degree and become a successful pediatric cardiologist.

Out of the Silence: After the Crash

by Eduardo Strauch and Mireya Soriano

Strauch focuses his book on his experiences after the tragedy. Learn what this kind of survival ordeal can do to a person and how they cope afterward.


Globe Trekker: Uruguay & Paraguay

The excellent British series Globe Trekkers sends American Holly Morris to Uruguay to experience it's natural beauty, history and culture.

It Starts With Wine

Produced by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the first of three episodes covers Bodega Garzón, part of Uruguay's flourishing wine industry.

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