Segway Tour: Cartagena, Columbia

February 17, 2021

Paul Kay

Segway tours are a great way to explore Cartagena, Columbia. Here’s our review of our fun and informative tour.

Waiting Segways for Tour, Cartagena, Columbia

When we traveled to Cartagena, Columbia, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency, Cartagena. There is lots to do in Cartagena, but one of the things we wanted to do first was to take a Viator Segway tour of Cartagena.

The tour ran about 90 minutes including a bit of training. We had ridden Segways before, so this didn’t take long. And we lucked out: Madeline and I were the only folks on the tour. The itinerary included a visit to Santo Domingo Square, Customs Square, the Convent of Santa Teresa, St. Peter’s Square, the Heredia Theatre, and the Naval Museum.

Paul Kay Practicing, Segway Tour, Cartagena, Columbia

As always, we needed to show our tour guide that we could operate a Segway. It’s for our safety, so we were happy to show off our skills.

Paul Kay, Old City Wall, Segway Tour, Cartagena, Columbia

The old city wall was a major highlight of the tour. It’s quite long, nearly seven miles in total. However, in a Segway, we could speed along or stop for a view. The wall is called, La Heroica, and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Construction of the walls began in 1614 and was not finished until 1796. The reason for the wall was to defend the city from the continuous pirate attacks that it suffered.

Madeline and Paul Kay, Segway Tour, Teatro Adolfo Mejia, aka Teatro Heredia, Cartagena, Colombia

We also stopped at the Teatro Heredia, but we didn’t go inside. Built in the style of 18th and 19th century European opera houses, the Teatro Heredia, officially known as Teatro Adolfo Mejia, was built in a horseshoe shape, with boxes and balconies divided by cedar lace-like lattices. The opera house sits on the grounds of the old Merced church and was inaugurated in 1911 with the Floral Games. Inside there are stairs and sculptures made of Italian marble.

La Gorda Gertrudis, Segway Tour, Cartagena, Columbia

After visiting the Teatro Heredia, we visited a few squares including Santo Domingo Square. This square is the hub of nightlife in the walled city of Cartagena. There are many bars, antique shops, jewelry stores, cafes and restaurants. Santo Domingo Square is very popular not only with travelers, but also with local actors, musicians, dancers and other artists, who perform next to the church of Santo Domingo and the La Gorda Gertrudis sculpture by Fernando Botero.

Madeline and Paul Kay with Guide, Segway Tour, Cartagena, Columbia

This was a fun and informative tour. We rode all over the city with our tour guide seeing the sights and learning about Cartagena. We think you’ll enjoy this Segway tour when you visit the beautiful city of Cartagena.

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