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Madeline and Paul Kay, Rosewood Beach, Highland Park, Illinois

Our blog is organized into categories and subcategories. You can search for travel information by continent, country or city. You also can search by attraction, tour, restaurant, hotel, cruise line or transportation method.

In our posts, we’ll let you know if there are inherent difficulties in travel logistics, mobility issues (think long hikes or steeper than usual climbs), or access to health-related services.

We hope you enjoy our blog and benefit from our travel knowledge and experiences. We’ll include plenty of pictures along the way to inspire your own travels. So put on your travel shoes and get ready for the adventure!
Our blog has the following major categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for.


  • This is all about the places you might want to visit. As the category implies, it’s based on a location which starts as a continent.
  • You can look at the continent first and get a sense of history or maybe you want to choose a country and get the history of that country.
  • You can also choose a city and we’ll tell you all about our last trip there.

Staying There

  • Once you’ve decided where you’re going, you probably want to stay there for a while and visit.
  • We’ll tell you what hotels we used or what cruise line we used. After all, a cruise line is really a floating hotel.

What to Do There

  • Now that you’re in your hotel or cruise ship, you probably want to explore a bit.
  • We’ll tell you what attractions we visited. If there were tours that we took, we’ll tell you about those. If we rented a car or used a driver or taxi, we’ll talk about that too.
  • By now you must be hungry, so we’ll talk about the local restaurants we visited while we were there.
Madeline and Paul Powerboat Adventures Ship Channel Cay The Exumas The Bahamas

Go-Go Years

In this category, we will help you travel with style but within your budget:

  • Offer you suggestions for packing
  • Tell you what technology we take along for the ride and why
  • Help you build points in each major category of travel including cruise, hotel, car, airline and credit card affinity
  • Help you keep track of your points and help you spend them wisely either during the Go-Go years or saving them for the Slow-Go years
  • Show you how to keep a journal of your travels so that you remember where you’ve been and what you did. There are digital versions of journals these days and we’ll talk about those as well as the paper journals.
  • Advise how to keep track of your digital photos and organize them.

Slow-Go Years

This category is all about helping you still travel when you may have reasons why you are going a bit slower. Within this category we will talk about:

  • Travel agents that specialize in mature travel
  • Travel agents that help people with disabilities
  • Third party companies that offer services to ease your travel burdens
  • Recommendations from us about hotels, airlines and travel attractions that are sensitive to the Slow-Go traveler

No-Go Years

At this stage, you simply don’t want to travel anymore. We understand.

However there are plenty of things you can do, even if your body refuses to go to the airport. Hopefully you’ve followed our advice and kept lots of digital pictures from your journeys.

You probably have journals (both digital and on paper) that you can refer to. We’ll help you revisit those memories, so that you can share them with each other, friends and family members.

We understand travel, and even though we feel like we’re still 16 in our minds, we know the changes that occur in travel as we age. We can help you with lots of things to make your travels enjoyable and possible as you transition from this Go-Go years to your Slow-Go years.

Still need more motivation? Look at our Why We Travel page and get inspired!

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