Wine Tasting, Narbona, Carmelo, Uruguay

Reading Wine: Uruguay

We love wine, and we love to travel to wine-growing regions. Our resident editor and librarian, Jason, put together a wine reading list for Uruguay.

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Tristan Narvaja Fair Street, Montevideo, Uruguay

Reading: Uruguay

Our Reading series is curated by our resident editor and librarian, Jason. Here are some reads and watches that prepared us for traveling to Uruguay.

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View of Beach and City from Cerro San Antonio, Piriápolis, Uruguay

Uruguay: History and Fun Facts

Uruguay provides stunning natural beauty, intriguing history, and engrossing culture. Here’s some history and fun facts about this great destination.

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Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reading: Brazil

When readying for a trip, we read. Here’s a list of books (and documentaries) Jason, our resident librarian, put together for us to prepare for Brazil.

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Japan House, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Brazil and Japanese Immigration

Brazil is home to the world’s largest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan. This surprised me, so I did some history research. Here’s what I found.

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Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil: History and Fun Facts

Brazil is a magnificent: Stunning landscapes; friendly people; diverse art and culture. We look at Brazil and its history to prepare for our own visit.

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Domaine Bousquet, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza Wine Region

Some of the world’s best wine comes from Mendoza Province in Argentina. We’ve toured several of its vineyards. Here’s some history of this beautiful region.

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Madeline and Paul, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Ecuador: History and Fun Facts

Ecuador is a fabulous. One of our favorite trips: Galapagos Islands cruise. Here’s some history and fun facts to excited and motivate you to visit Ecuador.

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Aerial View from San Cristobal Hill Cable Lift, Santiago, Chile

Chile: History and Fun Facts

We love Chile and its people, culture and landscape. Here are some history and fun facts to get you excited about your own trip to this beautiful country.

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Vineyard and Andes Mountains, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina: History and Fun Facts

We’ve traveled to Argentina twice and have loved its food, wine and landscape. In this post Paul gives you some history and fun facts about Argentina.

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